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Welcome to O-Universe, a universe of exceptional design and innovative technology. O-Universe is a new dimension in which it is possible to get ahead of the usual time, using the power of design thought and latest generation technologies. This is a world where we get unique experiences and join forces to create something completely new.


Witness a big technological explosion, the birth of a new universe – O‑Universe.

Community of
like-minded people

They are united by incredible energy, the desire to create, continuously improve and generate new ideas. Which of them will come true, we will find out very soon – after all, the future is much closer than it seems.


O-People are experimenting and not afraid to take risks, creating the future right now.

At the forefront
of Omoda

At the forefront of OMODA are our ambassadors, whose achievements and records are on the verge of human capabilities, beyond the reach.


In our new universe, the most valued ability is the ability to find the amazing in familiar things, to see new opportunities where others cannot.

Look beyond
the Horizon

O-Life is things and events that fill every day, allow you to see the world in 360 degrees. O-People try their hand at art, music, fashion, destroying internal barriers and expanding their horizons. An unlimited pass to an unforgettable experience that opens up to OMODA owners and friends of the brand. Join the O-People lifestyle and become part of unique events and activities that the brand’s team has prepared especially for you.


If you want to create a new universe with OMODA, stay tuned for O-Lab announcements and events!

Go to
the new level

Electric cars, drones and artificial intelligence will soon become our reality. O-Lab is a series of online lectures about the future of the automotive industry. The speakers are the best auto experts, journalists and bloggers. Together with our community, we will conduct the most daring innovative experiments, solve the mysteries of the universe and explore the fantastic world of the future.


Technology is

Technology is transforming the way we drive and own a car. Our understanding of the car and its role in modern life is on the verge of profound changes.In O-Tech, we’ll show you the cutting-edge technology you already have under the hood for driving pleasure, and show you how to take your OMODA experience to the next level.

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